Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen

5 mei 2015, Stadspark Groningen Vfonds

Office facts

Sign in

You’ll find the time we’ll be expecting you at our Crew Office in your schedule. Make sure you’re on time, because it could be busy; on your way here and at the Crew Office itself.

What will you receive?

You’ll receive a wristband and a T-shirt. Depending on you schedule you’ll receive a voucher or tokens for food. The latter will most likely be handed to you by your coordinator.

Volunteer contract

In order for us to pay you, you will have to sign a volunteer contract. Please make sure you’ll bring a copy of your passport or ID card. A drivers license is not an official ID document. Without a copy of you ID we will not be able to pay you!

Note: Members of (student/sports)clubs do not have to sign the contract, nor bring their ID.


When you’re freelance you can send us an invoice. Please see the instructions in our email containing your schedule.


Accompanied with your schedule you have received instructions, make sure to read them properly. In addition you’ll be instructed by your coordinator/supervisor. For bar volunteers this instruction will be held at the bar you’ll be working at. Other volunteers will gather at the Crew Office to be picked up by their coordinator. 

Tips & tricks

You can bring your jackets and bags with you to your workplace. Don’t forget to bring warm clothing (or water-resistant, in case of rain). After sunset it’s still pretty cold on May 5th!

Schedule / working hours

We aks our volunteers to be quite flexible when it comes to working hours. It could be you’ll be asked to stay a little longer (with a maximum of an hour) or help out at a different location if need be. All extra working hours will be registered by your coordinator and will be financially compensated.

Signing out

Your coordinator will sign you out. You don’t have to sign out at the Crew Office. But you can always drop by to tell us about your activities and how you’ve experienced your day.

Coordinators will be welcomed back at the Crew Office to hand in any schedule changes.

Unexpected circumstances

If you need to sign out prematurely because of unexpected circumstances, please sign out as soon as possible. Until April 30th you can sign out via email: After the 30th by telephone only.

Crew Office is reachable from May 1st til May 8th on: +31(0)650444284.

Make sure you speak to someone on the phone! No text messages or voicemails!