Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen

5 mei 2015, Stadspark Groningen Vfonds

First aid & Missing children

First aid

Crew: there will be a first aid box for minor injuries at your workplace. This is meant for crew only. In addition, there is a person from the first aid at the scouting building, but this is not an official post for public.

Visitors: there are three first aid posts at the festival terrain. You can find two of these aids on the Drafbaan next to the Mainstage and next to the Sena Performers stage, and the last post will be at the stage Dansen bij de bus in het Voorpark. There are mobile first aid teams available throughout the entire festival terrain. When someone it seriously injured and is unable to walk to a first aid post, please go to your coordinator or nearest security guard. They will use their portofoon to call for first aid. Never call emergency services yourself.

Missing children

Children who have lost their parents or guardians can be brought to the information point on the Drafbaan, or the KJRW stall at the Kidsarea. Here are people present who will take over from you, and ensure that the children are reunited with their parents.

Parents who have lost their children can also be brought to the information point or the KJRW stall.

Missing children will not be broadcast throug out sound installations. When a child is missing, all security officers receive a notification via CP. Experience shows that children are reunited with their parents or guardians within an hour. If that is not the case, the police will be called to start the search for parents / guardians or the child itself.