Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen

5 mei 2015, Stadspark Groningen Vfonds


The festival expects its visitors to abide by its rules and regulations.


Appropriate behavior will be expected at our festival. Group characteristic and/or negative clothing is prohibited. When visitors don’t comply with our organization or security, the visitor may be removed from the festival terrain.

Drugs, glass, cans, plastic bottles, knives, firearms, weapons and other dangerous objects are not allowed on the festival terrain.

Own risk

Entering the festival terrain and attending the event is completely at your own risk. The organization can not be held responsible for injuries or damage as a result of visiting the festival.


Anyone on the festival terrain can be asked to provide ID. This will definitely be the case when in doubt of the correct drinking age. Alcohol will not be served to persons under the age of 18.

Display a valid ID and get an 18+ wristband at the bar! 

Food and drinks

It is prohibited to bring any kind of drinks (in glas, carton, can or plastic) to the festival terrain. Visitors will be checked at the entrance and the items will be confiscated. You are allowed to bring your own food.


Pets are not allowed on the festival terrain.


(Motor)bikes and cars are not allowed on the festival terrain. (Motor)bikes and cars can be parked at designated areas. When parked elsewhere the vehicle will be removed/towed.

Photo and video recordings

During the event there will be foto and video recordings. By entering the festival terrain visitors give permission for the footage to be copied, made public and/or to be used for promotional purposes. 


It is prohibited to distribute flyers without written consent of the organization.


Use of the toilets at our festival terrain is mandatory, as public urination is prohibited. Use of portable toilets (‘Dixi’) is free. In order to use the other toilet cabins you can get a ‘plasse-partout’ for half a token (€ 1,25). This will give you unlimited acces to the toilets.