Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen

5 mei 2015, Stadspark Groningen Vfonds

Rules & regulations crew

Also on Bevrijdingsfestival we’ll have to deal with certain rules and regulations.

   •     Wearing your official crew shirt is mandatory. You will receive one at sign in at the Crew Office. We do this because it makes you recognizable for visitors as crew.

   •     Make sure to dress warm by layering clothing.

   •     Wear solid, water resistant shoes. Site crew and technicians need to wear special work shoes with enhanced nose and soles.

   •     When you work on or near a stage make sure to wear earplugs. These are also available at the Crew Office.

   •     Make sure to keep the work environment clean and tidy! Wash your hands regularly.

   •     If your activities involve cleaning toilets or the festival terrain, you have to wear gloves at all times.

   •     As bartender or cleaner you need to wear special latex gloves if you have any open wounds on your hands. These are available at the first aid kit on your location.

   •     You’ll receive your wristband at sing in. Wear it during your shift so security will know you’re crew.

   •     If you need a (toilet)break, discuss this with you coordinator.

   •     Take care of yourself and of each other!

   •     Naturally, you will not be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol throughout your shift.